The Piddles

Cask beers

If we make four traditional cask beers all year round, four seasonal cask beers, and four monthly beers, what would be the highest number of different Piddles you could enjoy on one night? (If you can’t be bothered to work that out, you’re probably our kind of beer drinker).


You can’t spend every night in a pub (well you could but you might not be that popular). To help, we sell the entire Piddle range in bottles so you can interface with your favourite hop-based beverages on picnics, at home, or even while you’re still in the pub.


Every now and then we like a break from mashing hops and creating great beers. Which is why we’ve also developed a taste for apples. Our ciders are like orchards crammed into a glass. Good old fashioned cider – without the funny colours or silly marketing.


So good it’s got it’s own page because the web johnnies told us that would improve ‘search’. Is it a beer? Is it a lager? No, it’s a premium lager beer.

Piddle Pressies

Hard as it might be to give your precious Piddle away, your nearest and dearest will love our range of gifts. Or, if you’re being selfish, take a look and get some ideas for your own gift requests!

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