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Blackhole 5.5%
A case of 12 Bottles – £27.00

Pitch black with rich molasses, this dark IPA defies all the rules, Indian Pale Ales don’t have to be pale. Blackhole is an IPA that’s as dark as night during a new moon.

Do you dare to venture in the inky deeps? If you like malted ale then this black beauty will send you spiralling into a new dimension. Bitter like black coffee yet with a pleasant tropical hint in the hops. It’s a real big bang on your buds.


Piddle 4.1%
A case of 12 Bottles – £27.00

This is the one that started it all. Brewed of the banks of the river Piddle, quaffed in pubs thoughout the land. An amber ale with a note of citrus, Piddle is perfect when the only thing you want to take serious is your beer.

Our premium ale is beloved of connosseurs, not just of beer bur the adsurity of life. The world is definitely a better place when you take the Piddle.


Martyr’s Relief 3.5%
A case of 12 Bottles – £27.00

Rasie you glass to the Tolpuddle Martyrs who fought for workers rights. we honour our local heros with Martyr;s Relief, our better than Best Bitter. In their down time, we bet they would have loved a pint.

This smashing Best really is the tops – a smooth, easy-drinking brew that’s a perfect relief from a hard day’s toil. Fighting for your rights never tasted so good.


Cocky 4.3%
A case of 12 Bottles – £27.00

Cocky by name, cocky by nature. but then if you’d made the best tasting IPA this side of Cerne Abbas, you’d shout about it too. Cocky struts its stuff, confident that the light, hoppy flavour will grab drinkers by their… taste buds.

All in all, a cocksure IPA that thoroughly deservces to be big headed (as long as it’s poured right).


Slasher 5.1%
A case of 12 Bottles – £27.00

Don’t snigger at this blonde with attitude. Light-hearted with a fun name and a bubbly nature, Slasher also has a wheaty kick that lingers long after gulp.

Slasher is a real thirst-quencher when cold from the fridge. Or go traditional by not bothering to have it chilled. We like it whatever the temperature – it’s the favourite of the Piddle Brew Crew!


No.1 4.3%
A case of 12 Bottles – £27.00

Piddle Brewery’s first craft bottled lager which you can drink all day. Is it a berr? Is it a lager? No, it’s a premium lager beer. Thanks to the masterful skills of Piddle brewers you really can enjoy the best of both worlds with a lager that’s brewed like an ale.

No.1 combines all the aroma and complexity of a great beer in the chilled, slightly sparkling, body of a lager. It’s perfect for lager drinkers who wouldn’t touch an ale, and beer drinkers who think lager is for riff raff.



Ernie 4.1%
A case of 12 Bottles – £27.00

You don’t have to be the fastest drinker in the West to fall in love with the voluptuous charms of the chocolate malt, roasted barley and sweet, sweet milk sugars in our full-bodied stout.

When the nights get longer and colder, turn to the dark side. ernie is perfect for Halloween or any other mellow autumn night.


Doorset 3.9%
A case of 12 Bottles – £27.00


Kick back and embrace the smooth wheat flavour and the apricot finish of purely British hops. Enjoy the long, hot summer day the Doorset way.

Enjoy the long, hot summer day the Doorset way. Feel the sun on your shoulders and swat the bees away from your pint as you relax in the nearest beer garden. Bliss, even when you’re not far from the madding crowd.

Buckham Off – £26

This case of 12 beer’s has been brewed specially to help raise money for the chosen charity of the Buckham Fair.

For every bottle of beer 10p goes to the Weldmar Hospice Trust.

Piddle in a Box

Order your beer or cider here can’t get to the bar? Get the bar to come to you with one of these 35 pint, beer-in-a bag dispensers. Choose from your favourite tipple Piddle, Slasher, Jimmy, Ciddle Dry Cider, Ciddle Medium Cider . (Jimmy, Piddle & Slasher all come with a 5 day shelf life from delivery date)

The Piddle Glass – £3.00

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Piddle Classic 4.1%
A case of 12 Bottles – £25.00

What are you waiting for?
Join the real ale revolution at the top.
The Dorset legend, a thing of beauty.


Jimmy Classic 3.7%
A case of 12 Bottles – £25.00

Cheeky best bitter bursting with character, a beer to be enjoyed at length, embrace your soul, be it a fun filled afternoon or a cosy evening of indoor shenanigans.


Slasher Classic 5.1%
A case of 12 Bottles – £27.00

Blonde with attitude, the beer of champions. Try him cold from the fridge and hold on to your trousers, the favourite beer of the Piddle Brew Crew.


Christmas Cracker – £8.50

Christmas Cracker – gift pack of three.


Load of Piddle – £13.50

Load of Piddle gift pack with the glass.


Trio of Piddle – £8.50

Piddle gift pack of three.


Duo of Piddle – £6.50

Piddle gift pack of two.


Piddle ‘N’ Ciddle – £9.50

Ciddle gift pack of three.

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