meet the team

With a name like Piddle, you’d think
that we don’t take anything seriously.

but, we do – brewing.

Our passion is blending hops, barley and malts to create ales that bring serious pleasure, from delicate thirst-quenchers to thick, velvety stouts.

a match made in heaven – or in our case Piddlehinton in deepest Dorset.


We take cider pretty seriously too.

We’re not satisfied with one variety
of apple when we can use twenty.

After a serious day of brewing, we’re back to ignoring the pressures of life. No checking emails (there’s no signal) and no calls (still no signal).

Or we’ll do what everyone does
in the village – go to the pub and
have a pint

The brewery

In a small corner of deepest
darkest Dorset, the Piddle Brewery

is a constant hive of activity: creating, mashing, brewing,
bottling, casking, delivering –

and very occasionally drinking –
our great beers.

We’d say come and visit but you’d probably get lost. If you do make it into the wilds past the back roads of Piddlehinton – you’re sure of a warm welcome and a cold Piddle.

Meet the team

When they’re not being brewing geeks, the team are really quite good fun and responsible for most of the nonsense on our social media pages.

clockwise from left to right…

Jon Lavers: Percy
Ian Stansbie: Baldrick
Ian Siddall: Blackadder
Becca Shaw: Nursie

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